"A tropical place that moves with the breeze..."



1. Let's all get along and behave.

2. Be safe...watch out for each other.

3. Take care of this gorgeous place and leave only your footprints.

4. Vessels please steer clear of the protected grass areas.

5. Be Kind. Be Safe. Don’t Leave a Trace.

Mac McAleer
Mayor, Gumbo Key

Welcome to Gumbo Key

Gumbo Key is a tropical, mythical place that appears from time to time. This floating musical venue is a place for friends and family to meld together in our Gulf Coastal waters while soaking up the fine sounds of Live Southern bands.

This year's event will be Saturday, June 18th, which happens to be weekend of The Summer Solstice and the first day of Summer 2016. Start your summer with us!

Bring your own boat or a friend with one! We'll be shooting to start the party around High Noon, and aim to pull up anchor by 5 o'clock somewhere.

What does it cost? All we ask is that you support our awesome local sponsors!